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Welcome to The Twisted String!

I'm so glad you're here. My name is Kelly and I started my boutique in 2015. It's truly a family business. My husband and I (and our two amazing children) designed and decorated every inch of our store ourselves. Four exhausting times in fact. Yes, we've moved four times. :) Sometimes it takes a little while to find your place in life. And we've never felt more at home than we do on Main Street in our own hometown of Elkhart, IN.

My heart was created to love and empower other women. I was born with a wild spirit and I love to laugh and make others laugh. My granny always said, "Kelly, you'll never find a man to marry you. You're too wild." This was most often said just after I was scolded for doing full cartwheels in the tiny space between her dining room table and buffet cabinet. I mean, if the cartwheel fits, do it, right?! Gymnastics and cheerleading were my life well into adulthood. (And believe it or not I found a husband as wild-hearted as me!) It was at the gymnastics studio we co-owned and I coached at where we found our love for retail when we added a little pro-shop/gift-shop. It was only natural as that season of our lives ended that we decided to create a shop of our own. My husband had built custom homes for 20 years so he had the skill to bring our ideas to life. We jumped in whole-heartedly!

Fast forward those four moves and here we are; sweat and tears spent, lessons learned, moments lost and moments savored. We have collected some of the most beautiful stories of our lives through lives we've touched and those we've had the honor of being touched by. In every step of the way we can look back and see purpose and beauty. Maybe I'll share some of the heartaches in another post one day. Not for the sake of lamenting, rather for the chance to share the stories of how God makes beauty from ashes and how He's been so very faithful in our lives.

If you've been with us from the start, thank you. I'd absolutely love for you to leave a comment here with a memory. If you've just discovered us, welcome! We truly want to know you. Introduce yourself and subscribe to our Facebook, Instagram, or download our app so you can stay in touch. And check out what we have to offer! Thank you so much for pausing for a moment in time with us. We can't wait to meet you!



Store Hours

Wed 10-4

Thur 10-7

Fri 10-4

Sat 10-2

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